• Mental

    Floating is an energizing, rejuvenating practice that improves health and
    well-being, alleviates stress, and
    facilitates meditation and

    • Reducing activity in the cortex allows for a decrease in production of “stress hormones.”

    • Deep relaxation leads to an increased release of endorphins and dopamine.

    • Elimination of external stimulation facilitates deeper meditation.


    Floating helps eliminate fatigue and enter the flow state, improves sleep, speeds the body's healing process, improves athletic performance and increases motivation.

    • Floating reduces blood pressure while improving circulation, allowing for increased recovery from injury or athletic training.

    • Decreasing the build up of lactic acid helps to eliminate muscle fatigue.

    • The near zero gravity environment relieves pressure from the back, feet, and joints.


    Floating facilitates creative insights, enhances problem-solving abilities, increases focus, expands awareness and accelerates learning.

    • Achieving and maintaining a Theta brain-wave state allows for an increase in creativity.

    • Allowing the brain to operate free from external distraction enhances problem-solving.

    • Heightened visualization helps to achieve the "flow state."